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Post  Kairi on Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:41 am

Hey, this is Kairi again. I'm just gonna say you all did great last year. We do ask that you do a great job again this year. You all should know what to do, be respectful stuff like that. We will have staff members ((that includes committee)) walking around at points when they aren't in panels ((as in holdin gthem or doing somethign)) and if you approached by one it would be great if you respected the. We are an open library so respect the patrons there as well. We didn't have any problems really as far as that goes but watch it in the children's section we had a parent complain last year about excessive cussing because of something. Also, we do have celebrity's coming please respect them as well don't try to crowd them and badger them like 24/7 or everytime you see them.

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