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rules/warnings of the table tops Empty rules/warnings of the table tops

Post  Kiddthor on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:04 am

I am going to assume that if youre interested/going to play here that you know the basic rules and regulations of your respective games, we "the con staff" will not step in to make rule claims of your respective titles, this is left to you the players. That being said however;
If you get angry, rude, disruptive, or if youre generally annoying people for the sheer sake of it, we will ask you to leave the game room.
The most important rule to card gamers and table top rpg-ers is that you respect their collections, they invest their time and money into them and it would kill them to see them get damaged. So therefore, do not get handsy with someone elses cards, dice, figurines, etc. unless they give you permission. If people dont want you touching their things and you do anyway we can and will ask you to leave the room.
Third, do not bring food or drink near the tables, keep them away from the precious character sheets and holographic cards.
And last but not least, just use common sense, it will keep you out of trouble and it seems to be fleeting in today's world so you can have a rare collectable to add to your collection. ^^

P.S, if you didnt get that last joke, I pity you.

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