Skits: Need to know for Contestants!

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Skits: Need to know for Contestants!

Post  Kairi on Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:09 pm

1. Standards of Behavior
All costumes should be in good taste. Please refrain from swearing or using any other offensive language or gestures unless approved. All contestants are expected to be courteous and respectful onstage; your skit should not be used as a jibe/insult against someone, nor should you use your stage time to make a political/religious/etc. statement or demonstration.

2. Weapons/Effects Policy
No Live Steel. If your costume calls for you to wear a katana or other sharp/dull METAL weapon, use an obvious fake. Violation of this rule will be taken VERY seriously.
  • No live firearms. Any weapon that is capable of firing any sort of projectile more powerful than a suction-cup dart will not be allowed on stage. Replicas ONLY. If it’s necessary to mime a firing action as part of your skit, “shoot” the ceiling or somewhere offstage where no one is standing.
  • If you are using any other sort of ranged weapon, such as a sling or bow, you will not be allowed to carry any sort of ammunition for such weapons on stage.
  • Please do not throw any objects, even soft ones, into the audience.
  • No fire, flash powder, laser, explosives, or open flame of any kind will be allowed.

3. Stage Entrance and Exit
We do not allow jumping off the stage, from any area that has not been approved by the Masquerade Staff.

4. Costume Interaction
Please don’t wear or use any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another participant. If you are wearing body paint or make-up, please make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others. Do not leave anything on stage that cannot be picked up by YOUR stage ninja in a few seconds.

5. Costume Containment
All costumes must be self-contained. Connections to electrical sockets, amp hook-ups, projection screens, ec cetera will not be available. The only exception is if you're doing a solo skit and have a video to explain it etc...

6. Group Size
There is a limit of eight (Cool people per entry.

7. Additionally, skit entries must provide a script. Please note that skits will be subject to review, both the of script and an at-con “dress rehersal”. If the Masquerade staff is concerned about content or preparedness, you may have to make changes.

8. When you arrive at 4:00 during our set-up you must be stage ready, meaning that you are in costume and ready for walk-on or skit performance. All contestants will need to be there.

Do not make any last-minute changes in your entry without consulting the Masquerade Staff beforehand, well BEFORE the Masquerade starts.

10. Stage Combat
In the interests of safety, stage combat is severely restricted. Unless you can prove to the Masquerade Staff at the Interview that you are a well-trained stage fighter.

11. Pre-Registration
We highly encourage Pre-Registration. This will help us figure out how many skits we have, in order to Pre-Register we would like you to tell us or contact the Master Coordinator of this event at
Also, when registering send your script so we may look over it. Registration at the con is allowed just let one of the staff members know, hand them your script and more than likely it would be best to do this Friday.
Registration Guidelines
1. It is highly recommended that you pre-register for the masquerade.
2. All contestants must be attending members of Chiisaicon and will need to be wearing their badge at the time of check in/sign up and for the Masquerade.
3. Any skit entry narration to be read by the MC will be limited to 45 words or less. All narration by the MC will be read prior to your performance.
4. The maximum number of members in a single entry is 8 (not including any stage ninjas).
5. We will allow parents to be backstage with participants aged 14 and under. This is not required, just recommended and encouraged, especially for participants aged 12 and under.
6. If your costume is such that you require assistance (visibility, size, etc), we will allow you to have a handler.
7. The Masquerade Coordinator has the final word in all matters concerning the Masquerade Cosplay competition.
Skit Music and Sound Guidelines
1. We require that all skits that require music must supply said music themselves. We will not be stocking any music.
2. Skits that require music or recorded dialogue must have their sound submitted and confirmed by EARLY Saturday.
3. There may be background music for the ‘Walk On’ section of the Masquerade, however, it will be wholy provided and controlled by the technical group.
4. There will NOT be audio editing software/machine on site. Have all audio prepared ahead of time.

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