Kuroshitsuji cosplayers needed for Kuroshitsuji panel

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Kuroshitsuji cosplayers needed for Kuroshitsuji panel

Post  naminemeg on Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:58 pm

okay the Black Butler panel will be run by Ciel Phantomhive (aka Me/Megan XD) i think i will be having a may-rin and possibly if my Alois isnt working ill have an alois but so far i dont think i have a sebastian or a claude if any one knows a sebastian cosplayer tht will be going to chiisai let me kno and i also want to know the other phantomhive/trancy household cosplayers so i can add you to my panel...if you kno ppl who would like to be in the panel PLS let me kno ASAP!! Very Happy

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