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Story Combinations. Empty Story Combinations.

Post  Kairi on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:31 pm

Ok the point of this game is to make a small paragraph ((3-4 sentences at the least but no more than Cool) Putting your character into a story. The person ((me)) startin it off will start the story and you must use a cosplay you've done and you can switch them if you would like but it would need to be like this:

  • .....tired of her attire Kairi went to her special phone booth as she disappeared and reappeared. Although, she was no longer Kairi yet Ciel Phantomhive, IN A DRESS AT THE LEAST....

And so on and so forth it does not have to be worded like that. You must copy the last persons entry and it to your own, it's like an RP almost but you're joining in and you must interact with the others and it must have a point. Please let us know waht your character is somewhere in it so that way we know who to address.

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