WHAAZZAP! > U<b I have arrived!

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WHAAZZAP! > U<b I have arrived! Empty WHAAZZAP! > U<b I have arrived!

Post  Ai Kizuna on Sat Jun 12, 2010 6:50 pm

I am Beca. <3 You may call me Ai. Because I'VE ALWAYS WANTED PEOPLE
TO CALL ME THAT IN REAL LIFE! > V<; Hurhurrrr. Anyways. *EyelashFlap*

I've been an anime obsessed Otaku for around 12 years. And the amount of Anime and
Manga I have watched and read would scare the crap outta you. So I would not
suggest asking me how many. Because I can't even begin to think of
a number. OTL;; OH. And I've been Pokemon obsessed since my birth. Fufufufuf... * U*
Ok...so MAYBE not right when I was born. But since September 8, 1998. <333 So if
you even mention the word "Pokemon", or anything that sounds similar, I'll have to
have a serious moment of screaming for joy. Anyways...The best way to go about
talking about what series I like....would be just asking one by one. x D;;;

I've been to 2 cons before. I don't cosplay cos I FAIL at making costumes.
And I can't stand to spend so much money buying costumes. AND I am fatish.
LAWLSSS Oh well. I'ma skinny up and make me fit. > : D

Anyways, It's niiice to meeetchuuu~ O U Ob *Wink*
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